OTR Memorial

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OTR Memorial

Remembering our friends who have passed

OTR has been taking place for 70 years now and we have become a very large family during this time. Each year we take some time to remember our OTR family members who have passed. We celebrate their life and accomplishments. Unfortunately this year we are unable to meet in person, so please join us virtually for the reading of the names. Note, these names will be again be read for our next reunion in person.

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All names at the memorial

Richard Ackerman
Dale Acklin
Garrett Andy Acklin
Ken Acklin
Tony Askew
Tom Baker
Jeff Barbour
Don Bartchy
William Bauman
Barry C. Baumgardner
Jim Beck
Bob Bellospirito
Bill Berryhill
Lew Bicking
Dick Bishop
Bill Blaha
Diane Blankenship
Willis Edward Blanton
Dick Blenz
Bob keintz
Gordon Brace
Joan Frances Brown
Mark “lynn” Burke
Ted Burke
Larry Bush
Jeff Cain
Sylvia Carts
Jimmy Charlton
Barry Chute
Chip Clark
Sharn Clelland
Ray Cole
Dave Collins
Tom Cottrell
Bill Cox
Kimmee Byers Cuningham
Gary Cunningham
Don Davidson
Jason Davidson
Ed Day
Sandy Deal
Ralph E. Doerzbacher,jr
Bill Dunning
Robert Elron
Carolyn Emory
Marshall Faushold
Mary Theresa Fitzpatrick
Mike Fitzpatrick
Bill Foote
Art Fordham
Barbara Fouch
Mike Friedenberg
Doug Gary
Tony McGee
Joe Gibson
Jane Gilchrest
Charlie Gille
Dave Goldman
Carroll Golebieski
Les Good
Dick Graham
Kirk MacGregor
Janice Gulden
Russ Gurnee
David Gutter
Barbara Hagen

Harold “ham” Hamilton
Connie Hand
Bob Handley
Grayson Harding
Ralph Hartley
Peter Hauer
Kim Clayton Hay
John Timothy Healy
Anne Heasty
Jim Hixon
Susan K. Hobbs
Mical Holland
Marshall Homes
Dick Horn
Ken Hornung
Mike Houpt
Dale Ibberson
Cecile James
Bill Jasper
Ed Johnson
Ken Jones, Sr
Brian Judge
Bill Karras
Donald “Buck “ Keller, Jr
Ralph Kennedy
Joan Kiefer
Glyndon E. Koon
Howard Kronk
Steven Kronk
Don Land
Jim Lea
Josh M Lepman
Tim Lester
Squire Lewis
Karen Sue Lipscomb
Betty Lloyd
Steve Logan
Vance Lowery
Dan Luke
Bob Lutz
Bonnie Lutz
Dr. Mona Marie Counts
Theodore Taft Martin
Marquerite Klein Miller
Rodger H. Smith
Ken Mitchell
Pam Mohr
Lizette Molina
Avis Moni
George Montgomery
Gordon Mothes
Kevin Mulrooney
Tray Murphy
John Murray
Bobby Nagy
William”willi” Nelson
Jerry Nettles
Carita Noe
Michael Norris
Phil Okunewick
Mike Palethorpe
Dale Parrot
Johnny Parsons
Mark Passerby
Lori Ann Pennington
Roberta Perrow

John Petrie
Tom Pierce
Gary Pilkington
Delbert Province
Forest Ragland
Rose of RASS
Wade Replogle
Larry Richardson
Rodney Riley, Sr
Charlie Ritts
Greta Robbins
Dick Robertson
Robbie Robertson
Bernie Roche
Dennis Peter Ross
Eli Rouse
John Rutherford
Tony Ryan
Dick Sanford
Tommy Sawyer
Barbara Schomer
Richard Schrieber
Ray Setteur
Cody Shaw
Don Shofstall
Ron Simmons
Larry Sims
Maurice Smith
Moore J Smith IV
Tom Snyder
Milolie Stable
Hugh Stabler
Kim Stebbens
Jack Stelmack
Teri Stephens
Marilyn “LYN” Stephenson
Paul Stevens
Bill Stevenson
Jim Story
Tom Straubitz
Cullen Sutton
Roberta Swicegood
David Tanner
David R. Taverer
Doug Taylor
Ken Tayman
George Titcomb
Michael Tretter
Russell Tyndall
Paul Underwood
Thomas Vigour
Andrew Vocke
Jack Voss
Michael Wade
Bill Walden
Caroline Logan
Marsha Walker
Jason Wall
Donnie Weaver
Walter Weglinski
John E. Weinel 3rd
Marlen Walton Welsh
Dee Snell Wichard
Chuck Wilkinson
Mariangeles Cervantes                      Williams
Terry Wise
Jacques Yeckel
Larry Young


  1. The flag of the United States of America will be raised on the TRA property in memory of our deceased caver family members / friends shortly before the OTR Memorial Service on the Virtual OTR website.

  2. Thank you so much for doing this, a lovely tribute. Looking forward to sharing memories of my husband Gordon Brace, and our good friend Dave Taverner, next year. Many sympathies to the friends and families of the other cavers lost this year and in years past.

  3. The video for the Memorial Service was very humbling. Mr. Oatney did a wonderful job and thanks to the Virtual OTR webmasters for the production and posting.

    It was difficult to watch without being able to share stories of our departed friends and embrace each other in a time of remembrance.

    Even though we are separated by physical distance, this brought us together as one.

    Thank you for keeping this annual tradition a part of our history.

  4. I’ve spoken when my dad passed in ’08, again in ’09 for my step dad. This would mark the third OTR since my mom passed. I would have been up there with my wife, Patti Fredericks, talking about Gordon Brace. He was the catalyst that brought my wife and I together. He and his insider group of caving jihadists, as he called them-a tongue in cheek reference for what was going on in the late ’80, were instrumental in getting Patti to a PSC meeting, and the rest is (our) history. I went on many trips with Gordon, Patti and I had just gotten together when we went to TAG country to drop multiple pits to see if we could do a vertical mile. Gordon was the one person who actually made enough drops for a mile on rope. In my attempt to catch up, I dropped Fern’s Suprise pit 3 times, for a total of 1212′. Patti dropped twice. We got out, and still had the walk back to our cars. I carried the 1000′ rope bag(and of course my own cave packs). I promptly fell asleep on arrival back to the cars, on my S-10’s tailgate. It wasn’t long, but it was a needed nap!I don’t remember who woke me up, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t Gordon and some smartass comment. All in good fun though. I’ll always have a good memory of the 24 hour trip underground to boogerman. Inside joke. He will be remembered. RIP old friend!

  5. I may have missed it, but I didn’t see Ron “Raunchy” Waldrop listed? He passed a few years ago.

    RIP, “Ron Chy” (That was his name tag my virgin year. I didn’t get the whole nickname thing yet…thought perhaps he was Asian? LOL)

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