Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers

The Jakob's Ferry Stragglers are coming soon to the 71st annual Old Timers Reunion.

Hailing from the mountain towns of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland, The Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers draw freely from Old-Time, Bluegrass, Rockabilly, and Swing music to create their own brand of high energy, Appalachian Bluegrass. Gary Antol (guitar/vocals) and Libby Eddy (fiddle/vocals) founded the band in 2014 with a very simple goal: write good songs, honor the music, and take it to the road.  Fortunately for us, that road leads to Old Timers Reunion on the Riverstage Sunday afternoon.   Be sure to come on down for a high quality, unique acoustic experience as you soak up the music while you soak up the Tygart River in 2021.

A special message from Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers to OTR

For a Virtual OTR experience of the Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers