Hillary Klug

Hillary Klug

Hillary is an internationally recognized and award-winning buck dancer.  She has been on just about every major stage in the U.S. with her performances televised all over the country.

Hillary recently travelled to Ireland to meet and play with her hero, Máiréad Nesbitt,  who you all will recognize as the original dancing-fiddle playing elf from the sensational international show, “Celtic Woman”.

As our “Musician at Large” Hillary will be visiting with us all weekend….and to top things off, Hillary tells us she is a ‘caver’.  What’s not to love?

A special message from Hillary Klug to OTR

Other information can be found on her web site or on YouTube.  Hillary’s Facebook page has nearly one million followers, and her YouTube videos have had more than twelve million views thus far.

For a Virtual OTR experience of Hillary Klug