Hey It’s OTR!

Hey It’s OTR!

A phrase coined by Dale Ibberson when referring to all of the wild things that go on during OTR over the years. Take it all in stride. Dale was also the originator of the OTR Museum and a collector of everything that is OTR. He would often be seen roaming around to all of the bulletin boards after the event pulling down anything about OTR for his collection. This collection he has shared with the members many times and is now becoming part of the physical museum on site.

Dale Ibberson photo

This page hopes to recount our past reunions and some of the memorable events that took place. This will not be a one and done page as there is a considerable amount of memories to recall. Hopefully others will contribute to this with their memories and photos. Anything historically important will eventually end up with the museum.

Past Reunions

OTR 1999 – The 50th Reunion – Vic Ward Chair