River Party

OTR Sunday River Party

Sadly this year there will be no river party. No more wine, no synchronized swimming, no portable tiki bar, and no bands. It saddens us to be missing this Sunday event, however we know that many of you are going to be celebrating OTR in your own way. Whether it’s hiking in the mountains, visiting with friends and relatives, or finding your own river to float down. If you would like to share your experiences please upload photos and videos here and we will post them in a collection. Looking forward to hearing about some wonderful experiences. We are calling it the “River Party” but it’s what you make of it. I’m sure you have some creative ideas as to how you will spend OTR this year. Let everyone know.

Speaking of river parties, did you see this video from OTR 2011? Thank you Kirk.

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How did you spend your OTR 2020?


  1. We showed up for the river party. The river was dry. We figured because of the damn at the speleospa. We also noted we were very much alone, and there was no band. We checked the GPS and the atlas and realized we were in the wrong river. Had a great time anyway.

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