Bubbles Fun Run

The Bubbles Fun Run has become an annual event at OTR in honor of Bubbles. For this event each year people from all over the camp will dress up in “red dresses and feather boa” and run a winding course around the campground starting at the pavilion and stopping ever so often to perform a task. The finish is at the Lutz Rock where we finish with Bubbles Funshine and comradery. 2019 was the 4th annual run and we saw the largest turnout ever.

Photo by Stacy Mock
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Ask Doc?

The First-Aid tent has gone virtual and Doc is going viral.  The Doc is in and if you wish to consult with him or his able-bodied assistances regarding your latest concerns, please enter a short message below and click the “Ask Doc?” button below.  Doc will be with you in a minute.

Just like the “Magic 8 Ball”, Doc has an answer for everything.

The Black Hodag and Other Back Country Creatures

by George Dasher

The Black Hodag:

Artist rendering of a Hodag

Contrary to contemporary opinions, the Hodag is neither indigenous to West Virginia or to caves. The first known hodag (Bovinus spiritualis) was captured near the end of the 19th century near Rhinelander, Wisconsin by one Eugene S. Sheppard and two companions.

Evidently Sheppard, a former forester, was attracted by the hodag’s odor at the headwaters of Rice Creek in Oneida County, where he was able to trail a Black Hodag to the cave in which it lived. The cave entrance was then blocked with large blocks, leaving only a small hole through which was passed a sponge soaked in chloroform on one end of a long pole. The hodag was rendered unconscious, captured, and transported to Rhinelander, where it was subjected to public viewing for a small nominal fee.

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