2020 NSS Virtual Convention

2020 NSS Virtual Convention

In 2020 the NSS Convention was to be held in the town of Elkins, WV with the camping to be at the TRA Campground. By now we all know that the physical convention was canceled due to the COVID-19. In it’s place Rich Geisler and Meredith Hall Weberg put together an amazing collection of caving presentations from the many talented contributors. Many of these were made by our own members.

These caving presentations that are still available for you to view for FREE. They include presentations from the international sessions, U.S. sessions, West Virginia and others. A few of the select West Virginia presentations are below, however the full set of all presentations may still be reached by visiting the NSSCON2020.org site.

de Tour de West Virginia 2020

By George Dasher

This talk will discuss the four karst- and cave-forming limestones within West Virginia, as well as the different types of karst. The talk will also describe the karst and hydrology within the various counties and river basins, starting in southern West Virginia and working north, and it will provide a limited description of some of the caves within the state.
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The Survey of Cave Hollow Arbogast, Tucker County, West Virginia

By Dave West and Dave Socky

The Cave Hollow-Arbogast Cave system is a roughly 5-mile cave in Tucker County, West Virginia. The system was known to locals for many years and was visited frequently by organized cavers starting in the 1960s.
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Germany Valley Bolt Climbs

By Aaron Moses and Pete Johnson

Aaron Moses and Pete Johnson discuss 1,500 feet of aid climbing across four dome climbs in Germany Valley, West Virginia. The four climbs discussed are Lubyanka Dome (213 feet), The Flying Dutchman (303 feet), Perseverance Dome (526 feet), and Philosopher’s Dome (387 feet).
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The Survey of Maxwelton Sink Cave, West Virginia

By Dave Socky

In the mid-60s Maxwelton Sink Cave was dug open and then explored and surveyed by the Pittsburgh, Boston, and Philly Grottos of the NSS. The entrance was notorious for silting shut, so the whole 10 miles of cave was surveyed in just a few years before it was totally silted…
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