Welcome to the Virtual OTR

We are so very sorry that OTR was canceled this year as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We know that many of you will be missing our annual reunion and for that reason we have a grass roots, highly unofficial, unsanctioned, and mostly unheard of virtual OTR event.  This will NOT be OTR-71, and it will certainly not be a replacement for our normal reunion.  It will simply be a chance to keep the party alive and continue to interact with your caver friends.

The goal is to keep the love of OTR going all year long. With an unbroken record of 70 years, having survived multiple wars, 9-11, and a major gas crisis. We did not feel it was right to simply skip a chance to enjoy the company of friends. So this year, this is YOUR OTR.  For this event to take place, your contribution is important. With luck we will have some planned and unplanned activities, some music, some nostalgia, and possibly even a Doo-Dah parade. Be creative, think of what you can contribute to this event. As with most virtual events we hope to schedule some zoom calls. Unlike OTR where it is closed on Monday at noon, we plan on keeping this site up until the end of the year.  Continuing to provide new content as it becomes available.

There will be a page that you can upload your content to the site.  It may be merged with other videos or become stand alone.  Please keep it PG.

Most of all Have fun and keep OTR alive.

The Show Must Go On.

Music and Entertainment

Come and visit with some of your OTR favorites and see some previews of next year.


Schedule of Events

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Schedule of Events

Hey It’s OTR!

Here you can see some memorable moments in OTR past. Were you there?


Fun Stuff

Here are some entertaining activities you may want to try.

Fun Stuff

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